car accident lawyer

Injuries sustained in a car crash or other motor vehicle collision can cause immediate and long-term difficulties in the areas of law, medicine, and finance. If you’ve been in an unexpected, traumatic accident, the stress of dealing with whatever physical injuries you may have received on top of the burden of dealing with your mental state can be overwhelming.

Long-term disability, navigating the convoluted auto insurance claims process, and providing for a family can all cause undue stress. Personal injury and auto accident lawyers in Toronto from our car accident lawyer firm walk you through each legal stage and fight for maximum recompense for your suffering. If you need help learning about your rights and how to defend yourself in court, we have the resources you need.

What to do if you stack in a car accident, first steps

  • Move your vehicle to the side of the road, switch on your flashing lights, light flares, and raise your vehicle’s hood to prevent more crashes.
  • Exchange Information with the operator of the other motor vehicle(s), including the name, address, date of birth, and driver’s license number of the operator and owner of the automobile (if different from the operator), as well as the registration number and insurance provider. Always keep a pen and notepad in your vehicle.
  • Inform the Police – Notifying the police is crucial, as they will produce a comprehensive report of the automobile collision. This report will contain pertinent information about your claim that will be useful when you seek legal counsel.
  • Never Concede Liability – Never admit liability before consulting with a personal injury attorney. When conversing with other drivers, passengers, paramedics, or the police, simply provide a truthful description of the occurrence; do not admit fault.
  • Obtain Appropriate Data. You should make every effort to gather the following information: Witnesses’ addresses and names; Note any damage to the automobiles; Notate any skid marks and the distance between them; Draw a diagram of the scenario, including the names of streets, intersections, traffic signals or signs, and the position of the motor vehicles. If you have a camera on you, snap photographs of the scene and the motor vehicles.
  • Get Proper Medical Care – If you are wounded, seek appropriate medical care and obey your doctor’s instructions for any treatment (i.e. physical therapy), testing (i.e. x-ray and M.R.I. ), and medications.